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La Manga Spain

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Luxury Villas, Townhouses and Apartments for rent on the exclusive La Manga Club for year round holiday luxury at this five star resort.

La Manga Spain
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UK Overseas Missions Spain - British Embassy and British Consulates
London Diplomatic List - Spanish Embassy, Consular Services


Traveller Tips

  • Respect Spanish customs regulations.

  • Respect Spanish laws. Arrest for drunken and violent behaviour can lead to prison sentences and the British Consulate cannot get you released.

  • Street crime can be a problem. Take care of your belongings at all times. Leave your tickets and passport in a safe place. Don’t carry too much money or wear conspicuous jewellery. Don’t carry credit cards, passport and money in the same bag or pocket.

  • Bring enough money with you for your stay and return. Money transfers can take a little time to arrange and if you miss your return charter flight you may need to buy another ticket.

  • Take out insurance.

  • Get form E111 from your local Post Office for basic health care; and take out comprehensive travel insurance which provides for medical repatriation in the event of a serious accident, as well as for unexpected losses, eg luggage and credit cards.

  • Check Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice before travelling.

  • Enter next of kin details into the back of your passport.

  • Take particular care if you are driving. Driving regulations and customs are different from those in the UK and the accident rate is higher. UK motoring organisations should be able to give detailed advice. Traffic fines are heavy and must be paid on the spot. Pedestrians should take care particularly when crossing or walking along unlit roads at night.

  • Employment. There is free movement of labour between Spain and the UK and work permits are not needed. However, a good knowledge of Spanish is essential for most jobs and opportunities for casual labour are limited. The current unemployment rate is 13%.

  • Don’t get involved with drugs. Penalties are severe and sentences for trafficking can be up to 12 years.
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